We made it to Tontouta the first day, which was on schedule only a fuel stop. But as the weather situation turned out to be worse we had to stay there. Not a bad place of course to wait for better conditions.

On the pictures you can see what amazing views we had approaching these beautiful islands. The blue water, the white beaches, the green forests and the red earth just makes a perfect composition you can only fall in love with.


From Tontouta, which is the main island, we flew to Isle de Pins, a small island with an airstrip where we stayed at the Le Meridien Hotel. This island has its name from all the pine trees growing there. They really look strange as they rise up high but have only a two arms diameter or less and cover the whole island. After arrival at the hotel we all had a nap, because we got up very early. Then we took a walk along a little river to see a natural pool next to the coast but were more amazed by the waves crashing onto the rocks on the side of the ocean. Unbelievable, but after an early dinner we all went straight to bed, so tired!

Day 2: A whole day waiting for better wheater conditions. So we had to organize some fun! Early in the morning we were picked up by a mini bus (again, we llike mini buses so much!) and brought to a little bay where a speed boat waited for us to bring us to a very special island, which was more a sandstrip than an island. Its an awesome experience to stand in the middle of the ocean on a piece of sand and feel the strong wind and the hot sun without anybody surrounding you.
We left the sandstrip after having taken some fun photos, of course we had to do the mandatory smilingflyer pictures (or better, smilingsurfers) there.
Kiki and Felix, our guides, brought us to an island close with a beautiful beach and turquoise waters where they set up a barbeque for us. They prepared some lobster and fish while we went swimming, exploring the island or just relaxing in the shade – because the sun is very, very strong there. Felix, the younger guide scared us with a snake he found on the beach, but Wolfgang showed no fear and touched it – only the tail of course… In the evening our pilot checked the weather situation again and found out that it got better, so we could take off the next day for Tonga. That’s always good news to hear.






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