crew-mortenMorten Sondergaard
Serial entrepreneur, global investor in disruptive tech companies and founder of more than 50 companies had an idea; to travel around the Globe on a private plane. Captain Morten invited some friends to travel with him to some of the most remote places in the world on a Pilatus PC12. This is how was started.

crew_tom-jpgTom Solo
Photographer who will join the smilingflyer and document every single moment of this unique adventure. He is going to make sure you will catch every angle of this journey. His pictures & videos will make you feel part of this trip. To learn more about his work please visit

crew-unoUno Gomes
Entrepreneur, investor & financial planner in the media business. He likes traveling around the world and always looking for new experiences. He was more than happy to be invited and very proud to be part of this journey! wait until you read his comments.

crew_svenSven Donhuysen
Successful entrepreneur in the telco world and the major shareholder of United Mobile. He likes travelling and will use this trip to find new partners in the different countries in order to locate new opportunities for United Mobile. This new global experience will extend the visionary views he already has.

crew-antonyAntony Redfern
An IT innovator and enthusiastic networker, who wants the world to talk together using his peer to peer voice chat gizmo – Loober. Antony is looking forward to the adventure, although his family are less convinced. Surprisingly they don’t believe there is a compelling business reason for his lengthy absence, so no publicity please!

crew-jormJörn Heilberg
Pilot since 20 years of aviation worldwide, started flying in the air force, and since then Jörn has been a corporate pilot, bush pilot and an airline pilot. He has previously completed half-way-around-the-globe trips. Since it has always been back again the same way – and not limited to attractive destinations 🙂
He looks very much forward to circumnavigating the planet with the rest of the smiling crew.

crew-matsMats Wahlström
Swedish enterpreneur the founder of PuroGroup. After circling the globe on a motorcycle, he opened Puro Hotel in Palma de Mallorca in 2004 and it was promptly listed as one of the world’s hottest hotels by Condé Nast Traveller. The year after Purobeach opened in Palma, a spectacular beach club on its own mini peninsula. In 2006 the second Purobeach opened in Marbella and is enjoying rave reviews.

crew-wolfgangWolfgang Schnell
A very experienced German pilot who will fly us from Sydney to Palma, crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. In the last two years Wolfgang spent more time in the air than on the ground, reached over 35 countries and 150 different airports. Being a former captain at sea, he is keen on crossing the oceans with     the Pilatus! We all look forward to see his skills!

crew-jenJohan Ernst Nilson
Adventurer and Member of The Explorers Club, has join the smilingflyers on various legs.