I may never have the midlife crisis everybody seems to be talking about. And if I get to avoid it, I am almost certain it will be due to the fact that I chose to live this one dream at exactly the right time.
It’s not that I regret not having following most of my dreams and ambitions -small or big; personal or business. But flying round the globe in my own plane is something else -less important than my family or friends but certainly bigger than anything else I have experienced. An ultimate adventure, which somehow encapsulates everything. Not a myth like we know from books or movies. But and adventure that was waiting for me – waiting to lived.

That had nothing to do with following either Jules Vernes or Christopher Columbus. I know that somebody, both in fiction and real life, they were chasing the same frontiers – with one significant difference: my own “tour de force” was so much easier, and its significance a personal one compared to their groundbreaking historical ventures.

Doing all this with friends – fellow entrepreneurs sharing my values and ambitions – added more than one man could dream of.

We had our moments, but like modern men we mixed biz with pleasure, luxury with simplicity and to some extent desire with necessity. With this book I want to share our adventure.

Copyright © Morten Sondergaard – 2009
First Edition
ISBN 978-87-993204-0-0
Photography: Tom Solo
Design: Eli Markovska Job
Printed in Denmark: Elbo Grafisk
Paper: Multiart Silk


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