OK, the Smilingflyer Team is ready for take-off and we all hope that the wheather will be on our side.

Right now, it looks like we will have some bumpy time on our flight to Tonga tomorrow. Wolfgang is checking the wheather forecast hourly and we talked to many specialists. Our take-off time is scheduled for tomorrow 6:30 am.

Look at Wolfgangs equipment, that’s impressing with what kind of modern technology he is equipped!




part_2_smilingflyer_img_5389 part_2_smilingflyer_img_5387

Did you realize what happened to us in Papua New Guinea? Now, after some time has passed, we can publish the whole real story. We were arrested and held under armed guard.

Read the whole exciting story here. After having being thrown out of PNG by authorities Cairns daily newspaper brought a little story on what happened to us:

TCP - Thursday, 29 November 2007 - Page 1

You can read the whole article of the Cairns Post here.

We are very glad that nothing serious happened and we could leave the country free. Also, we received an official apology from PNG authorities with an invitation to visit Wewak again. We appreciate that!

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