So we are currently 8 travelers and thought maybe its not a bad idea to go different ways – at least a day or so. Thats why Wolfgang, Tom and Sven took a rental car to visit Eberhard, a friend from Mallorca living currently in his house near Praia do Rosa. That idea turned out to be a very good one, as it is just paradise.

Just one and a half hour drive down direction south and we found us at a place that was like one of the nicest we have seen on our trip. Look at the pictures, so green everything, and the people are friendly, beach is not crowded and everybody relaxed. They spend a whole day there, enjoyed Eberhards hospitality and had a fantastic dinner overlooking the beach.


After they spent the night there, next day all were together again enjoying a day at the beach on Florianopolis Island. That place was nice, very authentic, not so much tourists and a restaurant which is really worth to see. People leave their comments on pieces of paper and hang them somewhere on the wall or stick them to the ceiling! They have thousands of notes there – and of course the smilingflyers must not miss in there!

We hang around at a beach bar the rest of the day, Tom went to take some pictures of some artists selling their stuff on the market.


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