Nice island, huge statues, very impressive.
This is for sure a special place, and mystic, of course. Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is well known for the huge stone sculptures made by the islanders. They still do nice replicas by the way. And the climate is wonderful, nice temperature, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Check the Wikipedia entry for more information.

Easter Island was the stop where our group split: Sven, Ran and Tom were supposed to stay here and take a commercial flight to Santiago de Chile, because Wolfgang considered that the plane would be too heavy for the flight to Robinson Crusoe Island (1650 nm = 3000 km). A reasonable excuse to let us stay on Easter Island.

On the 27th Morten, Wolfgang and Uno left early in the morning to make the largest flight of the whole trip, which of course was a bit risky, as wind always can change on the way.

Without the proper fuel reserve landing could be complicated and so many things you do not want to think about could happen. But they were lucky and hit a jetstream which provided good tail wind. After seven hours flight they finally landed on Robinson Crusoe Island, a totally lost place only used by military, close to the coast of Chile. After refueling by hand (fuel was sent by boat) they flew straight to Santiago where we all met on the 29th.

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