Time in Dubai was great, we had so much fun and were treated very well by friends. I updated the Dubai photo album, you will find some nice night-shots in there.

From Dubai we headed for the Maldives, which was a flight in two parts, over the Indian Ocean. We had to stop and refuel in Mumbai, aprox. 45 min and we started again. All over all it took us more than 8 hours, and it was a perfect flight, as Jorn, our pilot said. Over south India we had to fly around a thunderstorm what you can see on the picture. Looks weired!

Flight_Maldives_smilingflyer_02315 Flight_Maldives_smilingflyer_02306

What to do while flying? Well, as we had a heavy time in Dubai, we slept a lot, along with iPod, good sound system, backgammon and our notebooks.

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