Flight to Cairo was short, only two and a half hours, although the plane is very comfortable, we don’t want to think about the flight to the Maledives where we will fly much much longer.

Fliying over Cairo is an experience – the pattern of the architecture is amazing. And then, at the border of the city, so close, you see the pyramides, still looking great for how old they are!

At the airport we showed passports etc. and got into a bus that drove us to the hotel. And the ride took us a while… so much traffic! But fun, we took some nice pics out of the car. The buildings seem dirty, maybe its from the desert sand, we don’t know. But traffic runs smooth, everybody gets along without traffic lights, just by honking around and avoiding crashes!
From the hotel we drove to the pyramides where luckily they closed the street for the cars to get there. So we took a camel ride! Ouch! Legs are still aching, its not easy to keep yourself 60 min up there when your vehicle is always going up-n-down. But you get used to it.

After our historical excursion we had a very good dinner in a restaurant nearby, although food was not typical egyptcian, but very tasty!


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